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Guided Biofilm Therapy is a fantastic new systemic solution for managing dental biofilm (or dental plaque), using state of the art technologies with proven success by scientific evidence. The therapy includes patient diagnosis and risk assessment to put your needs first and achieve optimal results. This type of treatment is the least invasive option, with much higher levels of comfort, safety and efficiency in the procedure. 

GBT also includes oral hygiene instructions, so that you can continue to manage any future biofilm as part of your oral health regime.

        What is the process?

        1. Your hygienist will assess your teeth, gums and overall oral hygiene. If you have any implants, they will check these too. You will be asked to rinse your mouth with BacterX® Pro mouthwash.

        2. The hygienist will use an EMS Biofilm Discloser, which is like a small jelly, rubbing it over and around your teeth. This will show up areas of thick biofilm, and the colour will guide the biofilm removal, making any tartar easier to detect.

        3. As your hygienist conducts this procedure, they will talk you through the process and point out any problematic areas, raising your awareness of how to prevent future build up. They will discuss general oral hygiene and the benefits of interdental brushes or flossing. They will also chat through the benefits of electric vs manual toothbrushes and recommend AIRFLOW® erythritol toothpaste to use at home.

          4. Next begins the removal of the biofilm, stains and any early tartar. Your hygienist will use an instrument called AIRFLOW® and a powder called AIRFLOW® PLUS 14 μm, removing biofilm from the teeth, tongue and gums up to 4mm. Any remaining stains on enamel will be removed using AIRFLOW® CLASSIC Comfort Powder.

          5. Any biofilm in 4-9mm pockets (in natural teeth or the roots of implants) will be removed using AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder and a PERIOFLOW® Nozzle.

          6. You’re nearly at the end of the procedure! If there is any remaining calculus, your hygienist will use an EMS PIEZON® PS and PI instrument, which is an ultrasonic direct-waterline device. It may sound a little scary, but it is an incredibly gentle yet effective treatment. This can clean up to 10mm pockets.

              7. Finally, your hygienist will give you a last check by asking you to give them a big smile. In doing so, they can check whether there is any remaining biofilm and that tartar has been removed. If there are any caries, the hygienist will be able to accurately diagnose this and advice you on next steps.

                8. Step eight simply requires scheduling your next appointment in line with your risk assessment. For example, if you have a high risk of developing biofilm quickly, your hygienist will ask to see you sooner rather than later. This would be to keep an eye on how your oral health is developing, following your implementation of the home advice given during your GBT.

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