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A crown, also called a cap, is a protective tooth-like covering that is placed over an existing tooth that has been prepared, usually to restore or strengthen that tooth’s appearance.

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What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns are an ideal way to repair teeth that have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. A crown could be used for a number of other reasons, for example:

  • You may have a discoloured filling and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth
  • You may have had a root filling and need a crown to protect what is left of the tooth
  • It may help to hold a bridge or denture firmly in place
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    When do I need a crown?

    You may need a crown to replace your tooth when you:

    • Have a root canal
    • Have a decayed or worn-down tooth
    • Have a dental implant
    • Have a dental bridge
    • Have a discoloured or misshapen tooth

      How Do You Look After a Crown?

      While a crown does not require any particular care, remember that it acts as a sleeve over the top of your natural tooth and so decay and gum disease can still occur without a good oral health routine. Keep up regular visits to your local dental practice and remember to continue to floss around the tooth. When flossing, try to pull the floss through your teeth rather than upwards – sometimes pulling up and out can catch on your crown and contribute to wear and tear.  

        Will my crown work and feel the same as a natural tooth? 

        Yes, once your crown is properly fitted and healed, you should not notice a difference from the rest of your teeth. 

        How long can I expect my crown to last

        Crowns are made with very durable materials. A crown could last you between 15-20 years before it needs replacement.

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